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Xiaomi gulirkan update MIUI 7.2 secara global via OTA

Xiaomi gulirkan update MIUI 7.2 secara global via OTA

Kabar gembira bagi Anda para pemilik smartphone Xiaomi, mulai hari ini update MIUI 7.2 secara resmi telah digulirkan secara global via OTA untuk semua perangkat Xiaomi. Saat ini, update tersebut baru tersedia untuk negara Cina dan akan menyusul wilayah lainnya secara bertahap, kemungkinan besar negara Indonesia akan mulai mendapatkannya pada akhir bulan ini.

Pembaruan MIUI 7.2 yang didasarkan pada Android v5.1 ini membawa banyak perbaikan dan fitur baru yang cukup menarik. berikut adalah daftar perbaikan dan fitur baru di MIUI 7.2:

MIUI 7.2  Stable ROM Update Highlights
- Move files, photos, and apps to your new Mi Phone with Mi Mover.
- Improved Find device: locate, lock, and erase your phone remotely.
- Customize Wallpaper Carousel, add images to favorites, and share them with friends.

MIUI 7.2 Stable ROM Full Changelog
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization - Optimized notifications style (11-27)
Fix - Status bar was black in some situations (12-08)
Fix - Sometimes status bar disappeared (12-24)
Fix - Power button menu could not be read out or operated on in Accessibility mode (01-12)
Home screen

Optimization - Home screen icons animated effects at unlocking (12-08)
Fix - Home screen crashed in some situations. (12-02)
Fix - When using Snow fairy theme, icons would disappear for a moment after unlocking (01-06)
Fix - Sometimes daily lockscreen did not work (01-06)
Fix - It asked to change folder name when first open the folder in Mi Space mode after rebooting (01-12)

New - Added music videos section (12-16)
Optimization - In random playing mode, pressing 'Play all' in song list will not always start playing from the first song in the list (12-15)

Optimization - New design for Mi Mover (01-25)

New - Brand new Weather app. Added 24 hours forecast, air quality forecast, wind speed forecast (12-11)

File Explorer
New - Double tapping top bar will go to the top of the page (12-08)
Optimization - Optimized data source analysis for images using quick URL (11-23)
Optimization - 'Forgot password' option will show after entering wrong password for private folder repeatedly (12-02)
Optimization - A confirmation prompt will show before setting a folder as private (12-08)
Optimization - Optimized search function to show more information of search results (12-08)
Fix - Unrecognizable file names after ZIP files are decompressed (11-30)
Fix - Private folders could not be decrypted (12-08)

Data Usage
Optimization - Data connection will be disabled if extra data plan is also used up after the original data plan reached its limit (01-11)

Mi Drop
Fix - Status bar always showed 0% when receiving files using Mi Drop (12-02)
Fix - Sometimes WiFi did not connect after files were sent (12-10)

New - Support adding apps to exception list in one press (11-30)
New - New version of Deep clean. Added available storage space (12-15)
New - New version of photos cleaning feature. Added duplicate photos/accidental photos/under and overexposed/screenshots sections (12-15)
New - Added 'save the sharpest photos' option when cleaning duplicate photos (12-15)
New - Deep clean supports cleaning APK. files (01-05)
New - Deep clean supports managing videos (01-05)
Optimization - Logic of defining rarely used apps (12-15)
Fix - Errors in calculating sizes of deep clean big files (01-05)

Mi Cloud
New - Added account lock after flashing phone in Find device. Avoid risks of lost phone being used by others (12-22)

Nah, jika Anda tidak sabaran dan ingin segera merasakan pengalaman menggunakan MIUI 7.2, Anda bisa mendownload-nya diforum resmi Xiaomi (di link bawah ini). Tapi kami ingatkan, jika terjadi sesuatu pada ponsel Xiaomi Anda kami tidak bertanggung jawab, karena penginstalan ROM tersebut harus secara manual dan bukan versi Indonesia. Selamat mencoba...!

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